Digital Twin

Roma, 14 • 04• 2021

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The Workshop aims to provide the most up-to-date tools and the most advanced procedures for architecture, survey, design and visualization, i.e. for the dissemination of the project, of architecture and of cultural heritage.

The Workshop also intends to establish itself as a privileged observatory on the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in architectural and sustainable design, deepening both the technical aspects and the new procedures envisaged by the regulations regarding this new philosophy of organization of project representation.

The Workshop is organized, for the scientific coordination, by the Department of History, Design and Restoration of the Architecture of Sapienza University of Rome, by the Faculty of Architecture and by the BIM Master and HBIM Master of Sapienza University of Rome.


Computer Graphics and 3D Modeling

3D modeling (CAD-based and reality-based)

Real + virtual worlds (mixed/augmented reality)

Virtualization of other senses (touch, taste, smell, sound)

Haptic & Multimodal interaction

Local/remote rendering

Innovative interaction systems

Tools for Storytelling and Serious Games

Tools for multimedia or museums installations

Visual simulation of materials

Emerging visualization technologies

Responsive architecture

Visualization and communication

Digital Heritage

3D Printing

Virtual Reconstruction Issues

Use of interactive models

3D for design

Research and teaching

Building Information Modeling

BIM and building

BIM and cutural heritage

BIM and restoration

BIM and design

Digitization and data Acquisition

Photogrammetry & image-based modeling

3D scanning & digitization (laser, structured light, motion capture, etc.)